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1. The Path of Babylon and the Path of Jerusalem
2. The Holocaust and Apes
3. Nazism and Reincarnation
4. Little Izzy in Dreamland
5. Integration of Hemispheres 6. Jewish Oil
7. Israel’s Teleology
8. A Revolution of Hebrews
9. Third-Temple Mentality

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It is often forgotten – or ignored – that the Sharon government’s “Disengagement” involved not only the unilateral evacuation of Gaza but also of large tracts of land in Northern Samaria, immediately adjacent to vital strategic installations and major population centers in the coastal plain. The accompanying photograph was taken with an ordinary camera from the site of Homesh, a Jewish settlement in Northern Samaria destroyed during the 2005 “Disengagement” of the Sharon government. It shows clearly – indeed dramatically – the Hadera power station (one of the biggest in the country, situated midway between Tel Aviv and Haifa), together with nearby residential areas, lying exposed and vulnerable on the Mediterranean coast immediately below

Palestinian Media Watch


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