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Ambassador Zalman Shoval

Ambassador Zalman Shoval has served two tenures as Israel's Ambassador to the United States. During these periods he was a participant in many peace efforts between Israel and its neighbors including: Camp David (1978), the Madrid Conf. (1991), Wye River Conf. (1998), and was a member of the Israeli negotiating team with the Jordanians and Palestinians.
Amb. Shoval is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies and The Interdisciplinary Center in Herzylia. Among his many business achievements are the founding of the Bank of Jerusalem (1964) and INVENTECH venture capital fund.

Highlights of the speech
Jerusalem Summit-2003:
“JERUSALEM SUMMIT” – 12.10.2003
This war, where Islamic fundamentalism wants to destroy the western world spiritually and physically, can only be won by force of arms, and America has shown the way.

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