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Minister Dr. Uzi Landau
Minister for Strategic Cooperation between the U.S. and Israel

A veteran leader of Israeli politics and consistently high ranking member of the Likud party, Dr. Uzi landau is currently Minister responsible for overseeing Israel intelligence services and the U.S.-Israel strategic dialogue in the Prime Minister's Office.

A member of the Israeli Knesset since 1984, Dr. Landau has held a series of central positions including Minister of Public Security during the current conflict, as well as Chairman and member on several defense, finance and international relations committees.

Highlights of the speech
Jerusalem Summit-2003:
Keynote Address: “Finding the Right Road to Peace”
No cause justifies terror... Israel is a small target; America is the big one. But we are on the front line. If terror is not defeated here, it will move to the US and to Europe. Our war is a war of free societies against terror. Seventy years ago in The Iron Wall Jabotinsky said that the Arabs will try to destroy us and see us as the invaders and they will never sign a peace with us as long as they continue to believe that they can beat us and destroy us. When they realize that they can’t win and after we build an Iron Wall of strength, a shield of freedom, the Arabs will agree to peace with us.

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